Signature Landscapes

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Hardscape Installation

Retaining Wall, Pavers, Flagstone ..... 



With our expert abilities and vision for design we create some of greatest hardscapes at the finest homes in the North Alabama. 

We are awaiting the opportunity to create an environment in which you will not want to leave. You can have the confidence when building a relationship with us that we will take the steps necessary to satisfy you as our client and friend. We are looking forward to the relationship.

Hardscapes are the portion of your landscape that provides utility and function - Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Wall, Steps.  When most people think of hardscape, they envision something functional but unattractive.  Imaginative landscape design solves your problem in a creative and complementary manner that actually improves the appearance of your landscape.  Bringing together the engineering requirements of the site with the use of natural landscape materials complimented by colorful accent plantings are the key.  This requires knowledge and skill learned only by mastering the practical as well as the artistic functions.  It is extremely important to understand the possibility catastrophic consequences or poor design or construction, the significant physical forces involved in holding back large quantities of soil require very thorough engineering and careful construction.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be both functional and decorative.  Functionally, they can reclaim previous unusable slopes, prevent soil erosion from excessive and uncontrolled runoff, or serve as a transition between the lawn, patio, and pool.


Paver Sidewalk
Flagstone Steps and Walkway
Paver Patio

Creta Retaining Wall